Deck Coatings – How to Choose the Right Coating

After you have installed your deck you will then need to protect it from moisture, scratches and even the sun. This can be achieved by using deck coatings. Deck waterproofing protects the wood from rotting, becoming brittle, and eventually failing. It’s very costly to rebuild and repair your existing deck, and applying a waterproof coating will increase the life of your deck if you maintain the coating. Using a single coat is not enough, because the sun and periodic use of the deck will weaken the coating.

composite deckingBefore you apply your deck coatings, you need to first prepare your deck. In fact, refurnishing your deck, or preparing it, is a process that is almost more important than coating your deck. Without proper inspection and refurnishing, the coating will fail and eventually lead to your deck failing. Rotting and broken parts of the deck need to be replaced and the original coat needs to be removed. Sanding down your entire deck will ensure that the new coats will adhere properly. If you have a painted or a varnished deck those layers will have to come off with a paint stripper. Your entire deck should look like it was just installed.Composite Outdoor Decking

Choosing the correct type of deck coatings may seem like a hard choice, but knowing the condition your deck is exposed to regularly and how much maintenance you want to do should narrow down your choices. To begin with, vinyl coating is a thick piece of material that is used to cover your neck and in the past, squares were put down one by one. Now, most contractors will put down one piece to cover your deck and cut the vinyl to size until it covers a little at the bottom. This coat needs very little maintenance, but should be cleaned and conditioned with a special vinyl cleaner.

Urethane is among the best deck coatings that you can get, but is very weak and needs a lot of attention. After barbeques and children playing on the deck of the urethane will scratch off, leaving unprotected spots. A new coat needs to be applied to your deck before the exposed areas encounter any type of water or rainy weather. If you want to perform less maintenance on your deck, then metal lath and acrylic coatings may be a better choice. This is very strong. Durable material, that’s also resistant to the sun and wears with use. Remember, choosing the right waterproof coating depends on the size, intended use, deck material and the amount of time you want to dedicate to maintenance.

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