What can save waterlogged floor

Floor was blisters, this phenomenon is not common, but it is the consumers toughest floor. Then encountered flood damage floor how to do? Below the national forest floor as we explain the four flood damage flooring solutions, hoping to be helpful!

composite deckingOption One: pry the “well” font stacked dried wood flooring

Pry the floor after the applicable disease: flood damage

Treatment programs: for flood damage floor, try to keep the floor deformation dried crucial. Floor surface water can be dry, according to the “well” font superimposed placed, with its overlying weight to prevent the occurrence of deformation, to pay attention when placed opposite facing up to the floor to prevent surface caused by rapid drying chapped, while paying attention not on the sun exposure, should be placed in ventilated place to dry, under normal circumstances can be used again for a better quality of solid wood and multilayer solid wood. In addition, the first time in the event of water leakage should notice the floor after-sales service of the staff will work together on the floor of their own situation to provide the best solution to the owners.Composite Decking Material

Option Two: Remove the baseboard

Applicable illness: composite flooring flood damage

Treatment options: whether it is a large area of flood damage or a small area of water, Mr. Liu is not recommended composite flooring pry dry as easily damage composite flooring, is likely to cause serious consequences cannot be used again. Best for rapidly dry floor surface water, then remove the baseboard of the floor, exposed expansion joints, rely on expansion joints vapor distributing finished, but according to the size of the amount of water and dry it normally takes about seven to fifteen days for quality better or long soaking time can recover on its own, if still not restored 15 days after you should consider replace.

Option Three: while leading on both sides pray ventilation

Adapt to the disease: plus keel, flooding a small area of the solid wood flooring

Treatment programs: the timely detection of a small area of water, the ground handling clean, pry the board, re-install the wet floor to dry; leaks, not only to pry the board into the water is slightly larger, but also The board of the opposite direction along the keel row set pry the internal flow of air away moisture. If you are unsure of the size of the amount of water, it is best to order according to the influent flow pry the board view wet conditions foolproof.privacy fence designs

Program: high-power vacuum cleaner to suck

Adapt to the disease: the solid wood flooring straight paved the way small area of water

Treatment programs: If you discover an influent phenomenon in a very short period of time, the available high-power vacuum cleaner water vapor is sucked out. However, if a large area of water will have the floor all to pry dried up, according to the second scenario. Large indoor moisture, if the conditions in the room dehumidifiers installed in a short period of time in the indoor moisture drained, but the operation of the program need to have the floor dry recognition technology.

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