Quiche company to help you distinguish high-quality wood plastic composite deck

The been Qizhen landing wood plastic market, by virtue of international management philosophy, and always the ultimate quality, five-star service “guiding ideas designed for the Zhongyuan customers to provide a full set of high-end decorative design. Decorative design projects including the design and construction of the tooling centers and home improvement centers, with decorative integration of design and construction of secondary qualification; joined the management joined the company’s management training, R & D and design and construction; building materials trade to international and domestic glimmer of well-known brands building materials mainly to provide customers with high-quality one-stop service; WPC processing plant is a real group of product processing and the protection of low-carbon products.

composite fenceEveryone has a different understanding of the home, how can the perfect home decoration with limited funds? In home renovations, many owners are concerned about is the problem of the renovation costs. Before the renovation must be planned, only good planning can reduce the cost. This, living at home Xiaobian comprehensive warmest winter home improvement information specifically for you, let you dress up the most beautiful love home!Wood Plastic Palletss

Respect for nature and “green decoration”, wood plastic composite its excellent internal quality and pleasing appearance, is increasingly favored by the consumers of the capital. Composite deck better aesthetics, texture, straight, elegant colors, bold, smooth, high hardness, delicate texture, adding to the many cultural atmosphere for the bedroom;

And its natural color is very beautiful, flexible, moisture, mildew, hardness, warm in winter and cool in summer, as the appearance of the surface of the arc of bamboo, with a unique flavor. In the North, especially consumers, does a geothermal heating, wood plastic composite? Northern climate can shop deck of bamboo geothermal? How to choose and buy wood plastic composite?

Divided by color, decking on the market is mainly divided into two types: one is the natural color, decking color than wood decking, because the growth of bamboo is much smaller radius than wood, is not seriously affected by sunlight, no obvious difference between the yin and yang face, so the decking from the processing of fresh WPC deck made hue more unified and color symmetry. Natural color is divided into the true color and carbonized color:

Qualities of varnish machined surface, take bamboo basic color, bright, crisp, carbonized color walnut color similar to bamboo after baking shift in dignified calm still visible in clear bamboo grain. Another man-made painting, can deploy a variety of fun colors. Bamboo pattern has been less obvious.

It is understood that most customers prefer the natural color of the decking, simple style, but prominent bamboo pattern, to better reflect the bamboo bring the kind of quiet taste, so cater to this customer preferences decking surface treatment varnish, matte paint, light paint, paint wear three.Picket Fencing Materials

Decking high hardness, density, texture, and therefore its thermal conductivity, thermal stability, performance, environmental performance, resistance to deformation performance should be better than the other wood decking. The experts believe that solid wood decking is thicker, so the relative difference in thermal conductivity, parquet decking is by far the most suitable as geothermal heating wood plastic deck.

WPC Hollow Composite Decking Material Products Security Review


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