unspoken rules about composite wood decking market

With the extensive application of deck decoration in the home, on the deck of the complaints have increased significantly. The Xiaobian disclosed in this decking industry three “hidden rules” to remind consumers to avoid falling into the trap of unscrupulous merchants.

According to the relevant test results show that the Shanghai decoration company said deck identifies false following problems: First, composite wood decking timber name identifies the error; identify the timber name only some of the goods commonly known.

Some decking business in order to attract customers, ordinary wood decking dubbed luxury senior name of the timber, in order to reap huge profits, which are a trick of the businesses. Furthermore, confuse wood species to improve the sales price is a trader to major deception. Composite wood decking in high-class product, first-class products and qualified products, each level price difference of 10-15%, so that consumers get confused while performing businesses provide the shoddy opportunity.Black Privacy Fence

Selection of wood decking, Shanghai decoration company that often focusses on the abrasion resistance of the deck, formaldehyde emission color styles, and the environmental problems of the skirting board, rubber decking, deck mats and other accessories is less attentive. Wood decking accessories and accessories you choose well, may lay hidden dangers. Many businesses are decking ingredients, auxiliary materials through tie-ins with the deck of the war under false pretenses, which also became home improvement environmental hazards. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of the deck, do not focus only on the quality of the wood decking to ignore the excipients quality and environment.Outdoor Patio Flooring

Shanghai decoration company said the 60-square-meter house decoration, have spent 70 square meters of wood decking. This problem is encountered when the renovation of many consumers. Wood decking actual pavement area with the area marked on the box will differ. Consumers know the truth accidentally falls into the trap of unscrupulous businessmen. In addition, some businesses are still playing tricks on in the area of composite wood decking. Required by industry and the public to buy the deck area of the panel are simply estimates, but a small number of unscrupulous businessmen will count the decking tongue-and-groove seams slot area.

Therefore, when consumers buy wood decking, it is best to allow merchants commodities measurement standards and calculation methods stated in the sales contract or deposit receipt, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

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