Decoration three points of the points of the stars cannot be ignored

As the channel connecting the upper and lower steel and wood staircase, home decoration cannot be ignored. Some stairs in the living room on the center of the room, even if not in the center, steel and wood staircase is to connect the upper and lower channel, it should be the place of home decoration cannot be ignored. Steel and wood staircase installation is critical, so the installation time must pay attention to the following three points.

Different materials with different styles

Common general steel and wood staircase decoration wooden footboard and wood or wrought iron railings, wrought iron or cast iron originated from ancient European countries, and therefore may be more suitable for home decoration European style home environment, but we will see, a lot of people, whether it is at home stocked with Chinese classical furniture, or the modern simplicity faction bedroom design style, Yigai with wrought iron railings to decorate the staircase, which contrary to the principles of interior design to be harmonized WPC Decking

Material fact, used to decorate wood and steel staircase, there are many, such as steel, stone, glass, rope, cloth, carpet. Appropriate combination of these materials uses, and the entire room style match, there will be good results

Wood: Stairs decorative applications more widely, the market sell wood flooring can be used directly pavement does footboard, armrests can also choose to do it in the appropriate timber. Characteristics of wood is a natural, soft, warm, most family have chosen timber.

Steel: more common in the home of some of the more modern young people, art people, it demonstrated the cold and it is the color of the material itself is very modern.

Glass: The sense of permeability has used steel and wood staircase decorated. The effect is extraordinary. FOUNTAINS glass and glazing market, it can be used at the staircase railings, more wonderful use of stair steps made of hollow, embedded lamps, special glass running boards, made may shine the stairs.WPC decking

Stairs timber should be fine to consider

According to the bedroom styles to choose decoration and construction material of the stairs at the same time, the textile and leather the network have the point needed attention, and that is to take into account whether the elderly and children in the family. Under normal circumstances, the elderly and families with children, it is best to avoid using steel and wrought iron stair steps do not go too high, steel and wood staircase the best stair railing made of arc-shaped, not to sharp edges. The stair treads selection wooden floors and carpets.

The transformation of the small area of ​​the room stairs

Smaller living room the healthcare network staircase appears to suppress and heavy, some of the designers of the industry to promote the use of structural performance to the idea, which is characterized mainly as stair treads made to have a certain permeability to reduce the space pressure, so as to achieve the perfect combination of the spatial structure.Waterproof Decking Material


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