Composite decking exactly what to choose good how to choose

Twenty years ago, composite decking was introduced into China, it is much attention in the subsequent development and transition process, the decking industry will be affected in our promotion began launching air-conditioning industry.Wood plastic omposite deck PK air conditioning which is better? In common analogy between heating, the difference is that the air conditioning can also refrigeration. Decking appear enough to be a major obstacle to the development of the air-conditioning industry. Between the existence of a certain amount of competition.

composite PavilionCome from the use of cost analysis, the air conditioning does not deck energy saving, power consumption of an ordinary air-conditioned month at least have 250 degrees less than composite decking, composite decking how to use should save money than air conditioning. Another wood plastic composite decking up and running no wind noise and air conditioning convection discomfort. The composite decking adopt a uniform radiant deck heat radiation as a cooling system, and the heat is from the bottom up. People feel more comfortable, giving feet warm head and cool comfort comfortable.Cheap Fence Panels

New House and, many people are secretly delighted that he finally there are room owners, do not do the house slaves followed to many customers in Nanjing select composite decking, but composite decking is what election what good is how to choose?

Now Ge decking in Nanjing just run the decking and to heat the deck, the following answers to the above questions for everyone!

Consider on the thermal conductivity of the WPC Decking, the best natural stone, and ceramic tile, followed by composite wood decking, the worst is solid wood decking (for ordinary consumers to choose the most tile and wood decking), so you often can hear a bad heating the district people complain, wooden deck room than tiled room warm, wood tile deck family is better family warm.

decking environmental health point of view to consider from the deck, or tile best, radioactive basically all A grade, harmless to human body; natural stone and good thermal conductivity, but the possible presence of radioactive material, it is not good for the average consumer to detect; because it is a mixture of sawdust and glue composite deck heating first heating the ground and then heated room, composite wood decking is affected by high temperature, formaldehyde and other harmful substances very easily precipitate and cause harm to the human body, especially children; solid wood decking is made of natural wood resulting from the processing, there is a moisture problem, but fortunately, not completely dried solid wood decking in the common room, in the the decking room will accelerate its internal moisture evaporation, lead to higher crack solid wood decking, paint and brush the surface of the solid wood decking containing substances such as formaldehyde free TDI, also cause harm to the human body, so the decking room is still the best WPC decking.


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