Various characteristics of PVC plastic flooring

PVC plastic flooring commercial flooring is widely used in hospitals, schools, airports, office buildings, kindergartens, gymnasiums, laboratories, commercial establishments and home, its superiority is far higher than the solid wood flooring, laminated flooring, laminated wood flooring, rubber flooring and cork flooring.

1, PVC plastic floor with security features

PVC plastic flooring is able to absorb the impact of relieve knee fatigue, offers comfortable Jiaogan. When walking with the suspended structural design of PVC plastic flooring solid wood flooring and laminate flooring can be reduced compared to nearly 40% of the human body burden effect can buffer the impact of foot unsurpassed comfort.

Impact experiment: the impact 4Kg experimental iron bowl 20cm height free fall acceleration, experimental results laminate flooring 329g, solid wood flooring 317g, PVC resilient floor 210g.

Foot feeling Experiment: weight 60Kg test to test, walking on laminate flooring the knee bearing 72Kgf pressure solid wood flooring 62Kgf, 40 Kgf PVC resilient floor than laminate flooring near (walking time can be reduced by 40% reduce 32Kgf load), one day accumulated load reduction 48000Kgf (calculated walk 1500 steps a day).

PVC plastic floor surface has been roughened to prevent slipping, although the surface in the case of water, the non-slip performance is superior than the other floors.

Non-slip experiments: non-slip testing instruments, analog people in barefoot, wearing socks, slippers case, the weight of 80Kg friction in dry and wet state floor non-slip performance testing on a slope of 15 degrees deviation coefficient of friction.Composite Wood Decking

Slippers case strengthened floor anti-slip coefficient of 0.59 (dry) / 0.53 (wet), tile the 0.58/0.35, PVC floor 0.67/0.59, tile 68% higher.

Laminate flooring barefoot circumstances 0.78/0.55, the tile 0.84/0.36, the PVC flooring 0.83/0.57, is tiled 58% higher.

Laminate flooring 0.2 socks circumstances, tile 0.17 PVC floor 0.37 117% higher.

2, PVC plastic flooring environmental PVC floor add natural silver and environmentally sound environmental flooring, surface UV treatment layer design, PVC plastic floor with dual antimicrobial structure, and other flooring production due to the use of glue, inevitable containing a certain amount of formaldehyde, the formaldehyde content of the PVC plastic flooring is 0.

Formaldehyde release experiment: emission (mg / L) affects the human body

0.5-1.5 affect the human nervous system

1.5-2.0 eye itching, insomnia, etc.

2.0-30 tracheae and lungs

30-100 emphysema, pneumonia, and other inflammatory

100 or more deaths

The test results strengthen the floor in 1.5, composite floor 2.7, PVC plastic floor 0.

Antibacterial performance test: the film compression test will be publicized bacteria (Escherichia coli, bacteria pneumoniae, Bacillus subtilize, B) is placed on the test floor, after 24 hours, respectively, to calculate the amount of decrease of the test specimens was bacteria, FIXED label their bactericidal capacity.Low Cost Composite Decking

E. coli is sterilizing test results PVC plastic flooring 98%, 100% pneumonitis, Bacillus subtilise B97% the other flooring only 25% / 30% / 23%.

The mold growth test: fungal strain on the sample and release observed at the test method of the molds within the movement time reproduction. Experimental results: PVC plastic flooring can be long-term inhibit the growth of mold, mildew prevention to achieve zero level.

Dimensional stability of PVC plastic flooring PVC plastic flooring grassroots added layer of glass fiber bond them through a special process, excellent dimensional stability of the product, suitable for thermal expansion and contraction of the ground, even with the floor wet gas larger ground, is not deformed, to be able to maintain long-term undisturbed.

Heating, to damp deformation experiments: After heating for 6 hours with boiling water, and was stored at room temperature for 30 minutes. Experimental results: PVC plastic flooring does not change, composite floor deformation and delamination.Eco Freindly Composite Decking

Stability test: the floor after placed in an oven at 80 degrees for 6 hours, remove the stand for 1 hour at the normal temperature, the test sample was measured the lateral longitudinal change rate (%).

Experimental results: PVC plastic floor rate of change of 0.08% vertical, horizontal 0.06%

Laminate Flooring 0.36% and 0.28%, respectively.


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