Wood plastic composite floor Parquet stratification

Parquet manufacture using adhesive applied at all levels, and then heating the repression stripping performance of the parquet substandard, there will be stratified, mainly caused by the following reasons:

(1) the quality of the production and processing of solid wood flooring: parquet table board, core board and backplane are different species veneer glued together, the density and moisture content of the veneer after the adhesive, will produce inconsistent with taking the degree of resolution and speed, ranging from internal stress. If the veneer moisture or curing time has no control, will affect the quality of the layer of solid wood flooring. It sometimes can be found in the individual sanctions layer, should be replaced with layered parquet.

(2) Parquet improper use: the course of, often water infiltration will affect the quality of solid wood flooring glued. Therefore, in addition to the appearance of quality in the selection of the parquet, you should also check the bonding strength and impregnated peel two indicators, they directly affect the parquet life important factors.

Why the wood floor paint cracking, how to solve?

The wood floor finish cracking is an aging phenomenon of the film. Cracking divided into fine crack, coarse crack and cracking three kinds, including cracking is the film rupture in the end face or surface cracking through the end. Either a wood floor finish cracking are due to internal shrinkage force of the film greatly exceed its cohesion caused rupture. Wood floor finish is cracking reasons:

(1) clean plate surface using alkaline cleaners, wood flooring board surface chemical reaction, leading to the cracking of the surface of the wood flooring.

(2) wood floor coating by external factors, such as humidity, light, heat, moisture, chemicals, gases, etc., caused by the changes in the internal stress.

(3) caused the wooden floor board surface moisture content is too high or the coating is too thick.

(4) after laying wood flooring board the tile change or bagging film inside and outside the force inconsistent caused.

The first two reasons are visible from the appeal four reasons consumers improper maintenance caused the responsibility for the accident should consumers conceited; by third reason caused by production enterprises should be responsible for replacing cracking wood flooring; if by the fourth items caused by laying side should be responsible for replacing the wood floor cracking.

Wood Plastic Composite Flooring

Composite Wood Plastic Floor

Wood plastic Composite Laminate Flooring


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