Best composite wood flooring common

Composite wood flooring has advantages of good elasticity, warmth and comfort, to give people a sense of a return to nature, and therefore favored by consumers. Composite wood flooring in the use of the process, such as the selection and laying properly, there will be some “common”, as a moth, Pa seam, the sound of dirty plates, painted face, from the drum and Qiqiao of following these disease “to talk about the diagnosis and treatment methods:

The infestation: because the insects bite the wood borers, laminated wood flooring surfaces can often see piles of powder disturbing. The reason, with the selection of laminated wood flooring. To prevent infestation, first purchase after drying kiln steam injection process to produce composite wood flooring, although the price is more expensive, but has wood eggs all killed; two carefully chosen Keel, where insect eyes or three leathers, all without.

Grilled seam: Some composite wood flooring transaction date, giving rise to a greater gap between the slats. Mostly with composite wood flooring before laying the moisture content is too high related contraction due to indoor high temperature or air-dried. Note that the composite wood flooring moisture content should be in the range of 8% – 13%, and Puwan timely filed.

Sound: High quality composite wood floors, walk on, gave a groan, hears uncomfortable. To this end, we must pay attention firmly bonded between the keel and the ground floor with the keel, the appropriate number and length of the nail. At the same time, to prevent the keel spacing is too large or the moisture content is too high. Otherwise drying shrinkage after laying loose, also have been affected.

Dirty plate: Composite wood flooring painting, giving a dirty “gray” feeling, and some even footprints clearly visible. To avoid this from happening, pay attention to keep clean is essential to brush the oil before composite wood flooring board surface polished.

Baycol: the slats of the same species, the color will appear larger differences. If laying properly, they can easily render a “painted face. In the varnish wood color composite wood floors, especially chromatic aberration great species slats, you should consider the selection and deployment of the slats, so that the color of the laminated wood flooring progressive approach, or a gradual transition from the shallow depth.

From the dark: Some composite wood flooring Puwan emergence from the dark, damp expansion. Mostly with composite wood flooring surrounding environment, especially basic too moist or composite wood flooring water. Drum is to ensure that the composite wood flooring can not afford, should pay attention to three things: one, the end of the civil works, can not immediately laying laminated wood flooring; Second, if the room is in a wet environment, to bring in a moisture-proof laminated wood flooring is appropriate; three laying the moisture content of the composite wood floor can not be less than 6%.

Warped: This is mainly because the composite wood floor has not been caused by the regular drying treatment. Installation in composite wood floor below covered with a layer of plastic film, on the one hand, to protect from humidity and prevent composite wood flooring Qiqiao the role, on the other hand has the effect of noise. In addition to advance two or three days placed in laying indoor composite wood flooring, wood to adapt to the indoor temperature can also prevent the laminate wood flooring.


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