Choosing Composite wood decking from China Suppliers

Composite wood decking has grown enormously in popularity over the past few years for a number of key reasons. Firstly, composite wood finishes are now so high-quality and varied in their available effects that it is incredibly difficult to distinguish them from traditional hardwood decking. In addition to this, composite wood is generally speaking more affordable, more eco-friendly than hardwood, very hardwearing, easy to install and maintain, and compatible for use with underdeck heating systems. all these things considered. It makes good sense why composite wood decking has become an extremely popular and effective decking solution.

outdoor flooring materialsWhen it comes to choosing the type of composite wood decking that will suit your project best, there are a number of variables to consider. First of all and most obviously, is the finish. Immediately available in so many different high-quality finishes, choosing the right one can appear daunting at first to someone who not sure. Popular finishes include: maple, oak, pine, cherry, mahogany, stone, slate, and even concrete. If you are looking for a progressive, clean, bright aesthetic to your space then you are mostly like better off with a maple or oak finish, which tends to be lighter in tone and has less prominent imperfections and grain marks. If however, you are after a more classic, rustic appeal, then do think a darker wood finish such as hickory, pine, cherry or mahogany. These finishes tend to be on the richer side of the tone spectrum, ideal for use where darker, earthier colours are being introduced to the space, and also tend to offer a more defined and characteristic grain pattern.

As well as choosing your favourite finish, you will also need to choose the exact type of composite wood decking for the space you will be laying it in. Composite wood decking is generally speaking both highly versatile and highly robust, offering significant durability and scratch-resistance level in high-traffic areas of the home such as hallways. It is still important however to choose the correct type of composite wood for the right space. Composite wood decking is available in wear ratings, which are useful to bear in mind, and products often vary in terms of their manufacturer warranty. If you expect your new composite wood deck to experience high traffic, do be sure to choose one that offers a generous warranty, to cover you for the most about of time.

Other factors to bear in mind when choosing composite wood decking include the pack quantity, board size, fitting profile, and FSC approval. Pack quantities and board sizes do vary, so be sure you check the dimensions of the boards, and how many come per pack. You will likely find that some are better value than others, and come in larger pack sizes. Fitting profiles tend not to vary considerably, and nowadays, most tile and wood decking specialists only sell decking with easy-to-install profile systems. Three of the most popular systems include the win class? Op class? And the like to click? If you’re unsure about which is the easiest to install for your level of expertise, do be sure to chat through the options with your local supplier who should be more than happy to advise you. Some systems recommend the use of blue as well as the tongue in groove system. Whilst this may be more labour intensive, this method is widely regarded as superior and longer-lasting.

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