How to install and maintain composite wood decking

Duplex house, lobby stone decking can be laid , it would seem the atmosphere. If an ordinary room , living room and dining best timber decking , if part of a wpc decking, brick part of the site , the room will seem cramped . European- style carpet the ground lead should be to act . Carpet comfortable foot feeling and elegant texture and unique mix of Western-style furniture complement each other . Select relatively elegant patterns and colors , you can highlight the European classical style tranquility and harmony.

1 ) Be sure to do a good job to deal with moisture , moisture cloth seams must overlap and tape bonded to four weeks corner damp cloth shop about 11 cm high , in order to completely eliminate water overflow into the air .
2 ) composite wood keel must be dried composite wooden bars and special steel nails fixed keel , and never hold with cement or sand filled circles , cement and sand circle hold due to moisture can cause composite wood deck deformation and mildew.
3 ) when the composite wood deck coverings , surrounded by walls have to stay one centimeter gap to accommodate composite wood decking and low relative humidity in the atmosphere , there is space reserved to composite wood decking stretching , such as four weeks did not leave a gap will cause composite wood deck arch deformation.
4 ) Disable white adhesive decking, because moisture will cause white plastic with composite wood deck deformation and mildew.
5 ) Wood plastic composite decking is a natural plant , the color lines are different, not exactly the same, except factories outside of the package carefully , in the construction of composite wooden deck can also be color , texture , length appropriate allocation to take advantage of the natural resources to make composite wood decking more natural , and to show the original beauty.
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Zhengzhou anything decorative design company needs during use and maintenance, composite wood decking is no exception, if maintenance or improper maintenance will result in shortening the life of decking , such warranty is as follows:
1 ) Avoid sharp , sharp , heavy , hard objects such as direct collision and friction , do not wear shoes with nails tread the deck , to prevent damage to the paint surface indentation and so on.
2 ) keep the surface clean and dry , do not rinse with water , to avoid infiltration of water from the bottom seam or corner composite wood keel depravity and cause deformation and moldy composite wood decking , but also cause the growth of fungus pests , can wipe a damp cloth immediately dry, room should be ventilated and avoid direct sunlight Composite bois-plastique.


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