Spring should pay attention to the maintenance of sports decking

Spring, spring, suitable for sports decking works, but the spring wood deck exercise particular attention, spring rains, we have done this performance sports decking wood decking project requires high moisture must be good, the selection must be selected!

General sports decking core materials is the use of tree bark material and near , there is a case to note that some of the deck of the timber used by a large number of insects before, thus leaving many Poles , such wpc deck not very good. Reach the stadium for sports experience standards.

wpc floor

To avoid the unpleasant deck maintenance, more importantly, is to do the work for sale. Professionals said that before installing the deck , four staff must be prepared to work on different aspects of measurement , such as post- construction process can be greatly enhanced accuracy and precision , and can effectively detect the ground "sand , tide , concave, convex , split "and the five issues specific degree . In addition, the staff also pays special attention to surface roughness. If the ground to ensure smooth underdeck not bagging; ground is not wet the deck does not swell, these must be carefully monitored.

deck coverings are not random, because the temperature difference between day and night in spring, so the movement laying wood decking should pay attention to moisture and other issues. Therefore, before the wooden deck in the pavement, it is best at 16 1818 ntralization two days at room temptemperature.addition, the installation of the deck the best choice at the right time period. It simply refers to the sunny weather, preferably about 7 days in the installation are sunny, no rain, not on the ground to dry before installing the deck. Also be sure to get a professional worker for you to install decking. Particular attention is spread on the deck below the deck mats have a professional moisture to prevent damp deck.

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