Villa decoration design living room design of four focu

Villa decoration, living room design can be directly reflects our personality. It is directly reflected in the owner’s personality, hobbies and so on. The hospitality of the home where the owner and friends gathered at this freely, can be thought of the importance of the role of the living room. Below Shanghai Villa design company gave you to share in the living room villa decoration design four focus.

Focus one: Villa renovated living space design and function of zoning must be reasonable, and to harmonize the ribbon to ease excessive, does not let your family feel very awkward.

Reading area – to be elected quieter, near a corner of the restaurant, regional no need too much, but it must be comfortable.

Dining area – restaurant should be as close to the kitchen, dining and serving to facilitate, if necessary, you can also use a small artificial low wall behind the screen so that he and other features distinguish look more elegant.

wpc deck

Audiovisual area – television and music has become an important part of people’s lives, so the viewing space to become another focus of the living room. Modern TV and sound system offer a variety of styles and colors, blending with the surrounding environment of space in one.

Hospitality area – the hospitality area of the channel to be simple, space must be spacious, light should be bright, able to achieve a warm, with affinity is subject. Sofa sitting area is generally dominated. Sofa lightweight, flexible, integrated armrest is less able a circle, they can take advantage of turning the corner placement, the spatial separation of intimate and comfortable.

Focus on two: living daytime colors should be bright and comfortable. If the living room well lit, with green or blue will feel fresh and bright. However, if the living room facing north, then it must use a warmer color – yellow, butter yellow and other colors to be modified. If the living room area is small, the choice of the pattern must be careful. Large color patterns suitable for use in a wide wall, if too fine pattern, it will look exceptionally irritable. Relatively modest size of the pattern, the overall effect is better, made us feel at home.

Focus on three: apply soft furnishings accessories when designing the living room, including plants, fabric, knick-knacks and other kinds of decorations. The selection and installation of soft furnishings, necessary to meet the environmental requirements of functional areas, while to reflect their own personality and ideas. Lively plants, fresh and natural feel; sewing items to make clever use of space in the living room’s overall color live, you can play a finishing touch; chic unique knick-knacks can also reflect the owner’s personality, dotted the space unique charm.

Focus on four: We are more active on the ground, the living room wood plastic composite decking decoration drawn should be easy to clean, generally using ceramic tiles, tongue and groove wood decking or laminate decking. To reduce the thermal conductivity, improve comfort, often in the chairs and sofas and carpeting part of the region, you can also add visual decorative effect.


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