Residential home decoration items in the pipeline installation note

Residential home decoration items in the pipeline installation note

In the decoration, water and good health are often the same food more nutritious food than any other topic which is important. In the pipeline installation and how to use the process to improve the immune system needs attention to what a natural food, install the pipeline must find health food which must find a professional mechanic to install the pipeline. No matter how advanced your luxurious decoration, if you are not willing to spend money in this area is not a good deal of. Burst or leaking pipelines often, the price will form a water pipe itself several times, hundreds of times, and even the loss of thousands of times.

2, pressurization test must be carried out after installation. Pressurization test is usually carried out under the condition of 1.5 times the water pressure in the experiments should be no leakages.

3, in the absence of pressurized conditions Test Method:


Close the main valve pipe. (Ie water meter in front of the pipe switch)


Open space inside the house faucets 20 minutes to ensure that no water drops close again after all the faucets wpc price per linear foot.


Close toilet tank with water and washing water switch performance devices.


Open the main valve pipe.


After opening the main valve 20 minutes to see the meter is not moving around, including a slow walk.

If there walking around, that is water seepage. If there is no move, that is all right.

4, in everyday use, and if found that the following conditions, a quick check of the relevant lines:


Moldy wall paint surface blebbing.


Foot line or black wood floor and the surface of fine bubbles


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