Robbins hardwood flooring is one of the manufacturers we’re proud to represent here at FastFloors. Robbins has been committed to bringing their customers the absolute best and most versatile choices to the hardwood flooring industry. If you’re a shopper, then you feel like you hit the lottery with Robbins. But there are so many choices, it can send the less savvy shopper reeling. But they’ll end up reeling you back in quickly with their high quality, beauty, and solid customer-oriented information.Decking Timber Boards.

All Robbins flooring, whether engineered or solid, comes prefinished, which means after installation, you’re done. There’s no waxing, sanding, or polyurethaning (or coughing) needed and no waiting for the finish to dry. And although hardwood flooring (contrary to rumors) is very durable and can handle traffic, there are definitely some precautions to put into place to keep your floor looking like the day it was installed.

First, if your room has an entrance the outside, a no-compromise rule is to have walk-off mats or doormats at those thresholds. Grit, stones, and road tar, can wreak havoc on any floor, but especially hardwoods. So stop them at the door.Recycled Plastic Decking Board.

You also want to make sure the floor isn’t walked on with spiked heels, especially ones that aren’t in good repair, or cleats — no floor can withstand that kind of punishment. And if you need to move furniture, be sure to use casters or sliders and don’t drag heavy furniture across a floor.

Once you’re committed to the hardwood path, then the fun starts, and with Robbins, it couldn’t be better. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, cosmopolitan loft look, a vintage, rustic log cabin-esque feel, or a classic smooth look, Robbins has a floor for you.

One of the most popular choices these days is the “distressed” look, and Robbins has a stunning line in this style. It’s great for lots of reasons but one is that it cloaks real scratches and dents with the intentional worn look the flooring comes with. You can choose from several different species of hardwood too, including cherry, maple, birch, and oak, to name a few. Robbins also has several exotic wood selections such as beautiful dark African Mahogany or Sapele with its red tone and fine grain. Widths vary as well all the way from standard 3-inch planking up to the popular 7-incher.Composite Privacy Fence.

Dark or light, handscraped or high gloss smooth, wide or narrow, Robbins hardwood floors will bring a rich, warm glow — and superior value — to your home or office.

Recently, Armstrong flooring, a premier name in the flooring industry for years, has recently purchased Robbins, and will continue to maintain the same quality and beauty that Robbins has given its customers for years. So while the name will change in the future, the quality will remain the same.



Have you ever sat and looked at a hardwood floor — I mean, really looked at it? (No, we haven’t been up late.) Everyone at a quick glance can see the beauty of it, but there’s also a deep, rich history embedded in the grains of every plank of hardwood flooring. A tree goes through a lot in 50 years of growth — injury, drought, overwatering, trimming, and storms just to name a few — actually, kind of like people in a way. So each tree has its own story and personality and character.

This character is found in the veins, streaks, striations, and knotholes in the milled plane of flooring boards. And not only is each tree’s story unique, each board from the same tree can retell a different chapter from that tree’s story.Lumber Composite Decking.

And there are millions of stories to be told and thousands of variations and levels of the expression of the character of wood. It’s your job to decide on the look you want for your room. Wood that has lots of character is typically going to have several knotholes, streaks, veining, and contrasting colors. Some actually can have an almost 3-D appearance. The wood used to form this type of flooring is called heartwood because it comes from areas closer to the core of the tree.

This type of hardwood flooring is most often chosen for rustic designs, such as cabins and cottages or homes and shops that have a quaint or “woodsy” feel to them. One thing to consider in choosing flooring with lots of character is that deep knotholes can sometimes be more difficult to fully protect with finishes and sealant, and it can be the weak spot that moisture and dirt can sometimes collect. But there are several finishes out there specifically made to tackle this issue, so don’t let that dissuade you.Composite Balcony Decking.

The other side of the coin can be called “clear wood” or “sapwood” and is taken from the area of the tree closer to the bark — the farther out, the “clearer” it is. This type of wood flooring has a much more. . . sophisticated look (although that is debatable). It has a smooth texture and has minimal markings or streaking and knotholes. This look is popular as well for more contemporary designs that call for a more uniform, sleek look that doesn’t distract from the rest of the décor. With character, you’re going to get distraction, but in a beautiful way. But what you envision for your space is what matters.Composite Deck Balusters.

So when you decide on your flooring, take a minute to read the trees’ stories that were laid out to make your beautiful new floor. You’ll get an even deeper appreciation for its benefit to your home and life.


If you are looking for flooring that will make you feel like you are something like a big deal and want people to walk in and immediately recognize the smells of rich mahogany, as Ron Burgundy says in Anchorman, then mahogany is the choice in flooring for you (I mean, what else smells like mahogany?). Mahogany will make its own presence known in your home with a richer and more elegant appearance.wood and plastic floor.

The wood flooring species, Mahogany, is commonly found in southern Mexico through Central America all the way to Argentina. Mahogany has been widely available in the past but is starting to become rarer, which makes it a flooring delicacy. It is known for its rich deep reddish brown appearance and its complimenting even texture and striping features throughout the species of wood flooring. The white sapwood shines through the heartwood of mahogany, which adds a bit of light within the species, creating the luster that mahogany, exhibits making it even more pleasant to look at.

There are different types of mahogany that offer different purposes. Santos mahogany is the best type to use when installing wood flooring. It has a Janka hardness of 2200, which makes it one of the most durable and hardest species of flooring available. Santos mahogany is most commonly used in wood flooring because it is harder and more durable, while genuine mahogany is most commonly used in fine furniture because it lacks the hardness that Santos mahogany can withstand as being one of the best options for wood flooring.Composite Decking Material.

Mahogany can be difficult when trying to saw the species because of its hardness, which is why carbide tooling is the most common tool used when working with mahogany. Mahogany has a beautiful finish when sanded with a high natural polish and will produce a shine that is sure to please.

The fragrance produced by mahogany wood flooring is one that will give your home a welcoming and pleasant scent that is the most memorable aspect of mahogany. Unmatched for its beauty and strength, Mahogany is the superior flooring choice for elegance.Composite Waterproof Flooring.

Design Products Application

The main focus of Application Group 3 was the development of new natural thermoplastic and thermosetting binders suited for injection moulding or extrusion processing.

Wood Polymer Composites (WPC) made of wood fibres and thermoplastic binders such as polypropylene or PVC have gained an attractive market share in Europe, mainly for decking applications, but are suffering from durability problems. To address this issue, we suggested using wood fibres modified with furanic compounds, obtained from sawing residues of Application Group 1 products, in combination with natural binders. By specific esterification of lignin, we succeeded in formulating a good binder. In parallel, we also investigated the potential of PLA in combination with furfurylated wood fibres. Both esterified lignins and PLA are well compatible with furfurylated wood fibres. WPC samples produced on lab scale, using modified wood fibres and esterified lignins or PLA have comparable mechanical properties to conventional WPC’s, but a significantly better resistance to decay.Outdoor Fence Panels.

In the Alpine region, traditional roof shingles are made of wood. These shingles are quite expensive and are complex to install. Within the Ecobinders consortium, we developed a novel injectable wood shingle, based on compounds of wood flour and lignin. We choose a special design to significantly increase convenience and reduce the installation cost. This could be achieved by combining more shingles in 1 mould, designing a clip system and reducing the number of nails needed for fixation. Such shingles are also suited for wall covering. Over the 3 years of the project we overcame technical problems such as flow properties of the compounds, impact resistance, smell issues…, resulting in a design and formulation that is now ready for industrial production. Our shingles will be a cheaper and more convenient alternative to wooden shingles, based on forest waste and available in different colours and textures. Outdoor testing of these novel shingles is still in progress.Composite Decking Materials.

Surprisingly, we found out that compounds made of lignin, cellulignin and furan resins have excellent electrical insulation properties. These thermosetting compounds are suited for extrusion and injection moulding. They can be used for connectors, spacers, printed circuit boards… as natural alternatives to phenolic resins or epoxy resins. The technology is developed at lab scale. Samples and prototypes have been fully characterised, highlighting the insulation properties, but also mechanical properties such as strength and impact resistance, which need to be improved before future upscaling.

We finally also tested furanic compounds as thermosetting binders for cork stoppers. Unfortunately, these binders are too brittle and not registered for food contact, limiting the possibility to use them in the market.Wood Composite Panels.


The Ecobinders project resulted in the development of a new range of natural binders, both thermoplastic as thermosetting. These binders are available in large quantities and can be used in several applications such as wood industry (durable wood for decking, furniture, window frames…), fire resistant doors and panels, insulating panels, decking and flooring panels, roof and wall shingles, electrical compounds…

Composite Doors More Preferred Over Other Materials

Choosing a door is a personal selection no matter if the door is for the home on the exterior back or front or for the interior between rooms. Composite doors are preferred over other materials because these doors are assembled by some of the leading manufacturers who fashion all types of composite doors including sliding doors with double glazing and arched uPVC frames if desired. Many years ago the preference was for wood but the creation of composite doors has changed the door people now prefer over all others for their homes.

Composite doors are an excellent choice for use throughout the house. Options include interior doors, garage doors as well as front doors and back doors. Quality materials are crafted into each composite door so that there is a certainty of the durability and security offered by the construction. Many different designs help to keep composite doors at the top of the choice by people for doors. These designs include combined composite doors with double glazed side windows, single doors with fan lights, French doors with arches, bi- and tri-folding doors, arched PVC framed doors and many others.

How To Build A Deck Railing?Deciding on a door is a statement of style and taste. With so many types of doors on the market, making the selection of composite doors for door needs inside and outside the home is a smart and valuable investment. The option to design your own composite doors means that you can be sure to purchase the one that best fits the style of your home where safety, security and fashion are concerned. Perhaps the preference is for patterned glass with double or triple glazed choices in place. The leading UK manufacturers of composite doors can help you create a custom look that speaks volumes about the presentation you want to make with the doors for your home.Composite wood decking.

With the advances in technology, designing your own composite door online is simple. Choices abound for frames, styles, glass as well as hardware so that you can design a made to measure door selection that is crafted in the warehouse and delivered to your location for installation by the professionals or for those who like to engage in do it yourself projects, many manufacturers offer easy to follow instructions on DVD. Guidance is included for how to remove the old door as well as how to install the new composite door without a hitch. Wood Plastic Composites.

Composite Decking: A Smooth Move in Decking

The outdoor Laminate Flooring is actually a lot more than simply a good add-on to some home; it’s a customized area for the existence outside. Whenever considering the outdoor Composite Wood Laminate Flooring, among the stuff that take in to thoughts is actually pleasurable; using a outdoor Laminate Flooring indicates having a good time outdoors, along with family and friends. The amalgamated outdoor Laminate Flooring can in fact improve your own pleasurable, as well as with regard to hectic individuals who wish to completely appreciate valuable "deck period, inch this could be the only real cause they require. In contrast to pressure-treated decking wood, which could need much more treatment to keep the sleek as well as reasonable area underfoot, amalgamated decking is extremely reduced upkeep, therefore clearing upward additional time in order to unwind – as well as in the end, is not this particular exactly what your own outdoor Laminate Flooring is perfect for? You will want to think about a amalgamated outdoor Laminate Flooring for many associated with it’s time-saving functions.

The larger upkeep required through various kinds of wooden decking, for example yearly discoloration or even piece of art, as well as damage from insects steps, isn’t needed along with amalgamated decking. If you are setting up the outdoor Laminate Flooring inside a pad or even additional summer time area, odds are which closing as well as repainting the outdoor Laminate Flooring aren’t at the top of the actual checklist with regard to favored summer time actions. With regard to this kind of software, amalgamated decking is a great option when it comes to making much more pleasurable. Using its water-resistant area, your own amalgamated outdoor Laminate Flooring could be cleaned very easily by using your own hose, as well as normal capturing is usually the rest of the cleansing you will need to perform.

Qizhen Amalgamated Installing Laminate Flooring can also be an extremely secure decking materials, especially if your own outdoor Laminate Flooring is perfect for loved ones make use of. You will also don’t have any issues regarding splintering, decaying, or even breaking having a Qizhen amalgamated outdoor Laminate Flooring – kid’s uncovered ft tend to be liberated to operate! Like a creating materials, amalgamated decking is made to end up being standard as well as sleek, as well as Qizhen amalgamated decking also offers the delicate grain-like consistency at first glance with regard to improved slide opposition. As well as Qizhen manufacturer amalgamated decking offers hidden nails as well as installation-friendly cut techniques, therefore presently there defintely won’t be any kind of stubbed feet through irritating equipment increasing over your own deck’s area.

Qizhen Garden Decking can also be well-liked with regard to environment factors. Qizhen amalgamated decking is definitely an revolutionary, eco-friendly item, produced from recycled materials, reconstituted wooden dietary fiber, as well as grain flour, that are produced right into a materials that’s really long lasting as well as ideal for outside make use of.

Contractors such as to utilize Qizhen amalgamated decking materials simply because it may be sawn such as actual wooden. There’s also absolutely no knot, that makes it actually simpler to function. Simply because Qizhen amalgamated decking slashes very easily, cleanly, as well as doesn’t splinter, it’s particularly flexible for just about any diverse outdoor Laminate Flooring styles. Qizhen amalgamated decking additionally retains the mess securely as well as safely using its within "legs" supplying sufficient level with regard to anchoring screws even if countersunk.

Regarding structural capability, amalgamated decking can’t be used like a load-bearing element. Even though amalgamated materials is extremely powerful as well as has the capacity to keep the actual pounds associated with daily utilization more than a long time period, this does not have the actual tensile power of the structural wooden as well as shouldn’t be employed for fill showing joists. Creating rules possess a score for each type of materials employed for these types of reasons, also it may disallow using amalgamated materials because of this. It is crucial to think about exactly what framework may assistance your own outdoor Laminate Flooring. Bear in mind, nevertheless, which the advantages of amalgamated outdoor Laminate Flooring continue to be accomplished whenever this backed along with an additional structural materials.

Amalgamated decking is a good answer with regard to beginning your own happy times outside, with no hassle related to a number of other decking choices. Numerous home owners as well as companies possess considered Qizhen amalgamated decking because of its simplicity of use as well as functionality. Many of these elements tend to be adding to the actual quickly developing choice with regard to amalgamated decking, especially with regard to home outdoor Laminate Flooring installs.

The U.S. Market for Fence, Deck and Rail Products

These are uncertain times in the housing and home improvement industry, especially for arenas that may be considered non-essential to consumers, such as fence, deck & rail (FDR) products. This all-new SBI report covers the market for residential FDR products made from wood, metal, vinyl, plastic and concrete. While many market studies strive to analyze market sizes and dynamics from the “sell side” perspective by attempting to measure the revenues earned by product and service vendors of materials, this study also focuses strongly on the “buy side” of the market by looking at indicators of demand among builders and consumers. This is key, as the FDR market is so closely tied to residential housing and economic issues affecting buyers.

SBI estimates that the residential FDR market reached a record $11.9 billion in 2006; however, 2007 proved to be a tough year for the industry as homeowners reigned in spending and homebuilders pared back on construction. While there are some factors that may help lessen the blow felt by the housing and economic slump, such as lower interest rates and an unending consumer desire to spend on home improvements and outdoor living, they are not strong enough drivers to cause a turnaround in the near term. The market of fence such as temporary fence,wire mesh,fence manufacturers,steel fence post,wire fence,portable fence is likely to continue to correct downward into 2008, but should begin to pick back up thereafter. Wood VS Composite Deck.

The report further explores economic, housing, consumer and product trends, as well as consumer home improvement activity, distribution channels and the competitive environment affecting domestic, residential FDR product demands. The report also profiles major marketers, along with manufacturer strategies to maximize growth and profitability.

Data were obtained from government sources, trade associations and publications, business journals, company literature, investment reports and interviews with industry stakeholders. In most cases, historical data are provided for 1998 through 2007, with forecast data from 2008 to 2012. Market size statistics are derived from U.S. Department of Commerce and other data sources, and are augmented by SBI estimates. Simmons Market Research Bureau’s spring 2007 survey, based on a sample of 24,136 respondents, provides the primary research data on consumer remodeling habits and home improvement expenditures.Composite wood decking.

After a 16% decrease in sales, 2007 proved to be a tough year for the residential FDR market, which settled at $10.1 billion. Nonetheless, a new report from SBI, The U.S.Market for Fence, Deck & Rail Products, forecasts that the market will resume its upward trend and reach $11.8 billion by 2012. A four percent growth rate is predicted in 2009, with seven to nine percent continued growth through 2012.

Commodity prices play an especially important role in the FDR industry.Increasing oil prices have impacted the cost of running a business and the cost of goods sold.Lumber prices are at the mercy of the U.S. economy, as is the health of the housing market, which also plays a large part in the FDR industry.Composite decking.

The industry will likely get a boost from an increased interest in home remodeling, which is projected to grow by 62% from 2006 to 2016. Much of the demand for outdoor remodeling work will be driven by affluent households with incomes of $75,000 or more. In addition, there is a higher demand for outdoor living products among “upscale” homeowners.

“As the housing and construction market continue to struggle, green building products have been a bright spot,” comments Cathy Minkler, Associate Editor of SBI. “The booming green building market will continue its rapid expansion over the next four years and is expected to double in revenue. The FDR industry has the potential to be on the cutting edge of the green transformation, especially through the use of composite, vinyl and other wood-alternative products that are engineered with added environmental benefits.”