WPC Recycled Plastic Decking Board in China

In these new days of sustainability and making sure products are “eco-friendly,” Decking Timber Boards, an A&W Group division, is an inspiration to the commitment to producing Recycled Plastic Decking Board products that don’t come at too high a cost to the environment. Not only is WPC environmentally conscious, but they also offer one of the most extensive and beautiful collections of Cheap Decking Boards available today.

WPC has recently signed the Copenhagen Communiqué, which was an agreement sponsored by the U.N. that is a first step in making the environment a global focus, bringing different countries together for a unified goal of combating the effects of growth at the cost of sustainability. Recycled Plastic Decking Board has already had the environment at heart, so this was an easy transition. WPC only uses raw materials gleaned from responsible suppliers.

The chairman of the company, Carl Lu, has spoken at the World Forest Environment Forum, where he was commended for being a contributor to responsible forestry. A&W Decking Timber Boards likewise received its Green Pass to the international timber and decking mWPCet Chain of Custody certification in 2006. If sustainability and the environment are a predominant factor in deciding on which products to go with for your new decking project, then WPC is the perfect match for you.

And beyond being an upstanding company, they also provide quality. Collections WPC provides are a joy to scan through, and their descriptions really help you pinpoint the look you want. You can choose something from the “French Collection,” where you will see plans up to six inches in width and the rustic, country charm of distressed textures and colors. Or go with the “Elegant Exotic Collection” that proffers amazing smooth finishes on Angelim Black Tulip or Santos Mahogany, just to name a couple. Or you might prefer the “American Heartland Collection,” which is comprised of your classic, timeless Cheap Decking Boards in oak, ash, and maple.

And depending on your installation needs, all of WPC’s collections have solid Cheap Decking Boards choices as well as engineered products. These are certainly not to be overlooked. Engineered wood is actually made of layers of wood compressed together and then “topped” with a thick veneer of the wood of your choice. Engineered products are a better choice for areas that might have a bit more moisture than a traditional Deck could handle safely.

The possibilities are endless. And this is the most fun—finding that perfect foundation for a beautiful new room.

WPC Cheap Decking Boardss are designed and manufactured to stand up to the most extreme weather conditions. By integrating U.V. inhibitors and stabilizing additives in the product’s formula, Recycled Plastic Decking Board will stay gorgeous and provide you with years of outdoor enjoyment long after installation. In fact, we are so confident of our material’s reliability that all of our composite decking products come with a 25-year limited warranty. Build your deck with confidence and enjoy the many advantages of WPC composite decking materials.


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